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Marvellous Mexico – Part 2

Amazing campervan home

We are in a campervan, it is pretty cool. Me and my sister sleep on the top, my mum and dad sleep on the bottom. Here are some of the campsites we stayed in:

Sima de Los Cotorras – Sima de Los Cotorras is a big deep hole filled with parrots. When we were there we woke up in the morning really early to see the parrots fly from the hole to the trees. Then we had breakfast, then we went on a rocky and scary path all around the hole. On the way we saw ancient hand paintings. We had to put on harnesses and helmets. A harness is a belt with a string on it with a clip on wire so you do not fall off. On the way to Sima de Los Cotorras we stopped at a waterfall. Me and my mum saw some amazing caterpillars on the walk to the waterfall.

Palenque – Palenque is a Mayan city made out of stone with carvings. When we were there we climbed four small pyramids and one really big pyramid. The view of the city was super cool.

Lake Bacalar – Lake Bacalar is a lake – the campsite had swings in the water. Every day we did school and then had lunch and then we went for a swim. Bacalar was refreshing. One day we went on a kayak. The water was very clear. We tied the kayak to a pole and then we went for a swim by the kayaks.

Selva el Jabali – On the way to Tulum, we stayed in Selva el Jabali campsite. We went to the Grande Cenote. It is a cenote with stalagtites and stalactites and turtles. A cenote is a natural swimming hole sometimes in a cave.

Suyton Cenote – Suytun cenote is a cave with water with stalactites on the ceiling. In the daytime light comes in from a hole in the ceiling. We swam in the water which was cold and deep.

Rio Lagartos – Rio Lagartos is a beach which has flamingoes. The next day when we arrived we saw flamingoes. After, we put on Mayan mud, we put it all over our bodies. When we got back to the campsite we saw a beautiful sunset. The water was light blue.

Isla Mujeres – We arrived in Isla Mujeres. Isla Mujeres is an island, which means island of the women. Today we saw fish in the shallow water.


Marvellous Mexico part 1

Mexico City
We went to Frida Kahlo’s house in Mexico City. The outside of the house is blue. Frida Kahlo’s house had lots of paintings. She did it by herself on a wheelchair and sometimes on her bed with a mirror. In her house she was born there and lived there.

At the museum of modern art, there is one Frida Kahlo painting, there is also an outside bit with statues.  For dinner it was sushi, me and my sister had prawn tempura.
We went to see wrestling. Wrestling is jumping on people and rolling. Their names were Tiger and Puma and Reaper and Robin.

We took the bus to Teotihuacan. It is a very big city made of stones and it is 1500 years old. When we got there we climbed a pyramid. They did sacrifices at the top of the pyramid to worship the gods.

Cabo Pulmo, Baja California
We went to our cousins house to see Lola and Lucas. They live in a desert by the beach. We all did science experiments with colours and mints. At the beach we all did fishing. We went on a small boat and went to a rocky part where we could see sea lions, we swam with them too. Sea lions are heavy and they have whiskers and flippers.

Puebla is a small city with hundreds of tile shops. We went to a pottery factory where they made pottery like plates and cups and bowls and tiles. We actually got to see them make it by hand.

We helped in a school for a week. We did snakes and ladders with maths, maths bingo, animal bingo and made paper airplanes. The next day we went on a school trip to the park, in the park we went on a zipline. I liked making new friends.

We helped in the school in the morning, in the afternoon we had lunch, after that we did our own school. Me and my dad learned about airplanes, cars and train engines. Me and my mum learned about the planet’s in the solar system.

Oaxaca is famous for its alebrijes. Alebrijes are carved animals which are painted with Mexican patterns. We got to paint one ourselves in a  workshop where they made alebrijes and I painted a hummingbird.


Amazing Nicaragua


We arrived in Granada by taxi from Managua which is the capital of Nicaragua. In Granada we saw Nicaraguan dancing, the women were in floaty dresses of different colours, and the men were in floaty tops and trousers. We sat on a carriage, pulled by horses to an old train station. In the trains it was rusty and very very old. We saw lava from a volcano. Me and my sister were scared because we might fall in the lava. You were only allowed to stay there for fifteen minutes, because the smoke wasn’t good for you.


Ometepe is an island with two volcanos. The names of the volcanos are Concepcion which is the biggest and volcano Maderas. Ometepe is in Lake Nicaragua. In Ometepe we did school every day. Me and my mum went on a nature walk. We saw 4 birds and 40 bugs and 13 animals. We saw howler monkeys by our hostel. Howler monkeys make a ooooooooo sound. In the afternoon after lunch, we went for walks in the town. We also went swimming in the lake and kayaking. When we were kayaking we saw a caiman and turtles and tadpoles and birds.

Playa Marsella

Playa Marsella is a beach. At the beach me and my sister went surfing, it was really fun. After surfing we had lunch then surfing again after lunch. We met a friend on the beach. We also saw a crocodile in the water by a restaurant on the edge of the beach. At the beach we did school about the international space station and science experiments. We made a soap powered boat and tried to stick cardboard to a cup with water but it didn’t work. With my dad we learnt times tables.

Finca Esperanza Verde

We met up with our friends from Black Sheep Inn (Ecuador). Their names are Julianne and Michelle. We met them in the airport. When we were there we got a van with them to drive to Matagalpa. In Matagalpa we went to a chocolate factory with them. When we got back we did a show about how you make chocolate and the show was for the parents. The next day we drove to Finca Esperanza Verde which is a coffee plantation and a farm. The next day we went for a rainy walk. When we got back we saw a sloth in a tree. Next we had a look around the coffee plantation. The sounds we heard were howler monkeys that make the ooooooooo sound.


We drove to a city called Leon. In Leon we climbed a volcano and volcano boarded down. It’s where you sit on a board and go down the volcano. On the way we had a snack – it was termites and they tasted like carrots and wood. Volcano boarding was so exciting. We visited the Museum of Revolution. We learnt about people who fought in the Nicaraguan war. It was very sad for me. We said goodbye to our friends in Managua but we will see them again in London.


Thank you for reading my Nicaragua blog.

Eden’s amazing Ecuador

Eden’s memories of Ecuador

We arrived in Guayaquil by aeroplane. We stayed in Guayaquil for one night. Then we went to Quito by bus, it took eleven hours. The bus was boring and cold.

Quito is the capital of Ecuador. In Quito we went ice-skating, it was fun. The next day we sat in a cable car and flew up a mountain. When we got to the top we went for a scary walk. It was scary because we thought we might see a bear. We didn’t see a bear but we did see a llama.

Black Sheep Inn is an eco-lodge high in the Andes mountains. My favourite things were: driving to the market in the back of a van. I liked the market because of the smell of fresh fruit. We met new friends in Black Sheep Inn in Chugchilan. We went for a long walk with them. Their names were Julianne and Michelle and we’re going to meet them in Nicaragua.

We walked down to Quilotoa crater lake and we rode horses back up. The lake was greenish and the inside of the volcano crater was big and rocky.

Cuenca – we arrived in Cuenca by bus. In the bus I got sick in my dad’s hat. We met my great-uncle Michael and Anna-Maria in their house. We went to a market and I bought a poncho made of alpaca wool. It was fluffy and warm.

Next we are going to Nicaragua.

Beautiful Peru

Eden’s blog on Peru.

The capital of Peru is Lima. In Peru people speak Spanish and Quechua. Lots of people wear traditional clothes such as bowler hats. The potato originally came from Peru. Alpacas and llamas can be seen in the Andes in Peru. The highest mountain in Peru is mount Huascaran. Nearly half the country is covered by the Amazon rainforest. Peru is the third largest country in South America. The most famous Incan monument is Machu Picchu.


We helped in a school with lots of kids. We played with the kids and I made bread with mummy and Clarissa. The school had a farm next to it and we fed the pigs every day. One day we went into town and we saw people in beautiful costumes dancing around a tree, because it was the last day of carnival.

Amazon Shelter

Amazon Shelter is a place for wild animals that have been kept as pets or their mum and dad have been killed. We fed a wolly monkey every morning and afternoon with fruit. We also gave a baby sloth some food. She was fluffy and cute and her name was Agi. It was fun.

Cuzco and the Sacred Valley

In Cuzco our cousins showed up from London. We drove to a weaving place and we learnt to weave bracelets. We went horse riding. On the horse we crossed a straight wobbly bridge and we trotted on the side of a tall mountain. In Machu Picchu we saw lots of llamas and Incan buildings. The mountains behind the buildings made the shape of a face.

Manu National Park

We went to Manu National Park which is in the Amazon rainforest. I went mud sliding with our cousins on a little island in the middle of the river. The mud was slippy and made your feet stink and we made mud angels. We walked to a waterfall by crossing stepping stones. We got our shoes wet.  In the rainforest we saw birds and lots of ants and trees. The weather was hot and misty.

Now we are in Ecuador in Black Sheep Inn.

The amazing adventures of Eden in Brazil

1. Rio – We went to the Selerón step and slid down the tiles. We sat in an old and peaceful library.

2. Inhotim – My favourite gallery was the pillow fight room.

3. Brasilia – I did not like Brasilia because the weather was like London and there was nothing to do.

4. Salvador – there was too much drumming because they were practising for carnival.

5. Chapada Diamantina – we played with different coloured sand in a cave and we went down a big natural rock slide – we landed in the water.

6. Boipeba – we had a drink in the sea with tropical fish.

7. Praia de Forte – we helped in a school – we made friends.

Eden’s facts about Brazil

  1. Brazil is the biggest country in South America
  2. People in Brazil speak Portuguese
  3. The capital of Brazil is Brasilia
  4. Brazil borders every South American country apart from Chile and Ecuador
  5. Every year Brazil has a big party called Carnival
  6. Brazil has won the World Cup five times. Brazil’s most famous footballer is Pele
  7. Portugal took over Brazil in 1530. Brazil became independent in 1822.
  8. 201 million people live in Brazil
  9. Foods I like in Brazil are Acai, umbu fruit and passion fruit.
  10. My favourite thing in Brazil is going to the beach

Brazil’s rainforest

  1. The Amazon rainforest is the world’s biggest rainforest
  2. Rainforests are very dense, warm and wet forests
  3. A rainforest is called a rainforest because it gets a lot of rain every year
  4. Rainforests are important because they make a lot of the earth’s oxygen that we breathe
  5. The Amazon river stretches across the rainforest. It is the second longest river in the world. The longest is the Nile.
  6. The Amazon rainforest has a lot of animals, plants and insects
  7. The floor of the Amazon is always dry because the trees are very thick
  8. The Amazon rainforest can be found in Brasil, Peru, Colombia and Venezuela
  9. The Piraruco fish is the longest fish in the Amazon – 3 metres long
  10. There are 50 native tribes left in the Amazon

Why do tropical flowers grow in Brazil?

Because it is very hot and humid.
Because it rains a lot all year around.
There is a lot of sunshine in Brazil.
The countryside is very green and lush.
Because there are lots of varieties of plants.

Eden’s Argentina


On our last night in Argentina,  here’s Eden’s round-up of what we’ve done. Her video about our couple of months here is at the end. Enjoy!


We arrived in Argentina by bus from Chile over the Andes to Mendoza. In Mendoza,  my favourite thing was horse riding. A cowboy pulled my horse because it was naughty.

We also went on a long walk to Aconcagua with grandma and grandpa.

Then we went on a long long long long drive for six days to Salta. On the way we stopped at Valle de la Luna and we saw llamas.

Then we went to a village called Purmamarca. My favourite thing was stroking the llama on the side of the road.

We went to a farm. On the farm we picked out the weeds from a little garden where they were growing trees and we made grape juice and we made it with Khalil and Llasa who lived on the farm.

After Buenos Aires, then we went to Patagonia and it was really really really really cold. My birthday was there and we saw flamingos. We went on a bus to see the glacier. It was cold and windy and big.

Now we are in Tigre. There is a river next to our house, it is beautiful.

The end.

Eden’s trip to Australia (so far…)


1. We rode horses called Johnny and Annie in Perth
2. We went to the Hog’s Breath Cafe
3. We are sleeping in a campervan
4. We swam in water holes, it was very cold
5. We went to Peel Zoo and held snakes
6. We went to the Great Barrier Reef and we saw turtles
7. We went to the Science Museum
8. We sailed on Captain Phillips boat called Aquila

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Eden’s favourite things in Vietnam



1. I went on electric skate boards, it was fun.

2. We  went to Cat Ba Island and we played on the beach.

3. We  went on an overnight train, we watched a film.

4. My mummy and my daddy and my sister Arielle and myself went on motorbike  together.

5.  I  caught all the crabs in a circle boat. My mummy and my daddy could not catch any.

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Eden’s monsoon facts

Here are some facts by Eden about the monsoon rains:

1. 500,000 lightning strikes every monsoon

2. Mice sit on back of frogs to escape the rains

3. Monsoon is a hot and cold wind coming together

4. India has the biggest monsoon

5. People get wet and the pavements and roads get covered with water

Here’s Eden’s pictures to explain more…