Marvellous Mexico – Part 2

Amazing campervan home

We are in a campervan, it is pretty cool. Me and my sister sleep on the top, my mum and dad sleep on the bottom. Here are some of the campsites we stayed in:

Sima de Los Cotorras – Sima de Los Cotorras is a big deep hole filled with parrots. When we were there we woke up in the morning really early to see the parrots fly from the hole to the trees. Then we had breakfast, then we went on a rocky and scary path all around the hole. On the way we saw ancient hand paintings. We had to put on harnesses and helmets. A harness is a belt with a string on it with a clip on wire so you do not fall off. On the way to Sima de Los Cotorras we stopped at a waterfall. Me and my mum saw some amazing caterpillars on the walk to the waterfall.

Palenque – Palenque is a Mayan city made out of stone with carvings. When we were there we climbed four small pyramids and one really big pyramid. The view of the city was super cool.

Lake Bacalar – Lake Bacalar is a lake – the campsite had swings in the water. Every day we did school and then had lunch and then we went for a swim. Bacalar was refreshing. One day we went on a kayak. The water was very clear. We tied the kayak to a pole and then we went for a swim by the kayaks.

Selva el Jabali – On the way to Tulum, we stayed in Selva el Jabali campsite. We went to the Grande Cenote. It is a cenote with stalagtites and stalactites and turtles. A cenote is a natural swimming hole sometimes in a cave.

Suyton Cenote – Suytun cenote is a cave with water with stalactites on the ceiling. In the daytime light comes in from a hole in the ceiling. We swam in the water which was cold and deep.

Rio Lagartos – Rio Lagartos is a beach which has flamingoes. The next day when we arrived we saw flamingoes. After, we put on Mayan mud, we put it all over our bodies. When we got back to the campsite we saw a beautiful sunset. The water was light blue.

Isla Mujeres – We arrived in Isla Mujeres. Isla Mujeres is an island, which means island of the women. Today we saw fish in the shallow water.


One thought on “Marvellous Mexico – Part 2”

  1. Did you know Eden that over here, flamingos are absolutely THE thing to have on your dress, your t-shirt, even on your shoes? I saw a girl the other day with flamingos attached to her high heels! Actually, it looked great! So, the last week now? You have done such a brilliant job of keeping everybody in your picture ‘cos so few of us have EVER experienced what you have this year but your blogs have explained LOADS of stuff AND you have given us a little taste of what it FEELS like to…be in a super duper camper van for example and camping on a street for example or swimming in amazing lakes and seeing cousins that you didn’t know or eating grasshoppers for goodness sakes!! Thank you.


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