Miraculous Mexico – Part 2


We have been in our Campervan since the 8th July and these are the campsites we have stayed in:

1. Oaxaca – On the first day of campervanning, we only went to a supermarket to buy supplies and camped in a place 10 minutes outside of Oaxaca.

2. Tehuantepec – On the drive to the next campsite, we stopped at a little swimming hole next to a rock feature that looks like a petrified waterfall.  We camped in a hotel car park.  It felt a bit weird because we had to argue lots before they let us in

3. Sima de Los Cotorras – we stopped at another water feature – an anonymous waterfall with freezing water.  When you went under it felt like stones were being thrown at you.  We camped at a huge sinkhole full of green parrots.  We got up at 06:00 to see them all fly out.  After that, we got into harnesses and walked around the rim of the sinkhole, seeing ten thousand year old cave paintings.  I felt really scared because there was only a teeny bit of rock to walk on!

4. Chiapas de Corzo – That night we parked on the town square.   It felt so odd eating on the street because everyone stared at us! In the morning we went to a huge gorge with spider monkeys and crocodiles.

5. San Cristobal de las Casas – We stayed in a proper campsite for three nights.  It was near a really touristy town that only had endless souvenir shops.  We had falafel for dinner one night.  We also went horse riding to a town called Chamula. In Chamula, we visited a church where people don’t worship Jesus, they worship John the Baptist and they also have odd traditions like sacrificing chickens and lighting lots of candles. Also, they drink soft drinks and burp.  They believe that they are burping out their sins.

6. Palenque – On the drive to the next place, I threw up three times!  Our campsite was near a huge Mayan city called Palenque.  The site had huge temples and intricate carvings still preserved after hundreds of years.  The kings who lived there were called: Pakal – Sunshield, Khan Bah Alarm II – Jaguar Serpent, Precious Peccary and Turtle Macaw Lake.  It felt amazing seeing 700 year old carvings that are still intricately beautiful.  I felt like the Mayans were right next to me.

7.  Lake Bacalar – We camped at a beautiful azure blue lake, swimming, kayaking and doing lots of school.  We also swam at night and swam naked as well.  The water always felt really cool.

8. Tulum – We camped at a small campsite with a swimming pool, very close to some cenotes.  A cenote is a sinkhole filled with water.  A sinkhole is a hole that is created when water drains through the earth and eats away at the earth underneath, until you are eventually left with a large hole.  Another kind of sinkhole forms when the roof of an underground cave falls in and the cave fills with water.  In Mexico, these are called Cenotes. The first cenote was very deep and very cold.  There was a baby crocodile in the water but we didn’t get eaten.  The next morning we swam in a huge cave with stalagmites and stalactites everywhere.  There were also turtles there.  It felt really awesome swimming in a cave.  #nevergoingtoparkroadagain

9. Suytun Cenote – We stayed at another place with cenotes.  The cenotes were underground and get no sunlight so the water is freezing cold.  It felt really creepy underground.

10.  Rio Lagartos – The last place was a beach.  In the morning we took a boat and saw: cormorants, pelicans and… flamingoes. We got really close to them and I took some amazing pictures!  It was really boiling but we cooled off at a local beach.


2 thoughts on “Miraculous Mexico – Part 2”

  1. This is really interesting, Arielle. You write so beautifully.
    It has been fascinating following all your adventures.
    Enjoy the last few days of your adventure and look forward to greeting you all home soon.


  2. Arielle, you are amazing…and so brave! I love the way you say exactly how it is, or you make it sound as if you are anyway! Good writing! I wonder where you are now? Have a smashing last two weeks!


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