Miraculous Mexico – part 1

Mexico is our very last country on our around the world trip.  We have seen many old things (like the ancient remains of Teotihuacan and the coral reefs of Cabo Pulmo) and new things (such as Mexico City).  This is an account of my time in Mexico so far.

Mexico City

On our first day, we went to Frida Kahlo’s house.  We saw a lot of her art and sculptures as well as her:  painting room, bedroom and kitchen.  After, we took a taxi to an indoor market to eat tostadas, which are crackers but a bit more crispy.  I had mine with prawns, my sister had chicken and my dad had ceviche (raw fish).  My mum, Eden and I bought Frida Kahlo t-shirts!  The next day, we visited the museum of anthropology.  We saw: a statue of the serpent god, the stone of the sun, Mayan dental work and other countless artefacts.  For summer we went to a sushi restaurant for amazing sushi and sashimi.  On Thursday, we went to the ancient remains of Teotihuacan.   First, we took a long ‘Avenue of Death’ to get to the sun pyramid.  It was a very hard climb up the sun pyramid, but at the top, we sacrificed Eden in exchange for rain.  On our way back, we also saw:  the moon pyramid, the butterfly temple and a painting of a puma.  And the next day, I was really ill.

Cabo Pulmo

We stayed with my amazing cousins, Lucas and Lola and their awesome parents, Carmel and Pablo.  Our flight got in at about ten o’clock so we couldn’t go fishing with Lucas and Pablo.  They left at 5am!  After breakfast, we went out to snorkel with…SEA LIONS!!!  They were all on a big rock but some jumped into the turquoise sea to swim with us!  Using the tuna Lucas and Pablo caught, Carmel made amazing tuna sushi, some raw tuna and tuna in bread crumbs.  While we were there, my mum and I went snorkelling and saw:  stripy fish, fish no bigger than my pinky nail, tiny blue fish, butterfly fish, connet fish and scorpion fish.

Copper Canyon

We arrived in Copper Canyon by train and then took a taxi to our hostel.  We couldn’t actually see the canyon there but we did see some cool mountains.  Our next hotel was an odd place in the middle of a village called Barancas.  We took a walk and we saw the gargantuan Copper Canyon.  The next day my mum and I went zip lining across the canyon, going really fast through the huge canyon.  At the end, we were really hot and sweaty.  We took a cable car back to Eden and my dad.


Puebla is the place to go if you want to buy Talavera, the beautiful blue patterned tiles.  We went to a Talavera factory to watch how they are sculpted, polished, fired, painted and varnished.  The most common design was a hummingbird surrounded by beautiful patterns.


In Oaxaca we volunteered at a school for very poor Oaxacan children. We went every morning and did our own school in the afternoon.  We taught the kids English nouns and maths through:  bingo, charades, drawing and snakes and ladders.  Oaxaca is the centre for Alebriges, beautifully painted animal figures.  We saw the figures being carved and painted in a tiny town outside of Oaxaca.  After seeing them being painted, we painted some ourselves.  I did a coyote, Eden did a hummingbird, my mum did an owl and my dad did a fish.  We had grasshoppers for lunch!

That evening, my dad got an allergic reaction, so we had to go to the hospital at 8pm.  Eden and I watched a movie while my dad had injections.  I had a stomach problem in Oaxaca.

We picked up a campervan in Oaxaca but I’ll write about that in my next blog.


One thought on “Miraculous Mexico – part 1”

  1. Excuse me Arielle but why are you painting tyres?!! You guys are scared of NOTHING, heights, zip wires, climbing up temples, peculiar things to eat…anything! I was sorry to read that you were unwell and that your Pa was REALLY unwell. I hope that everybody’s tum is back to normal today? Have a lovely last few weeks.


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